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the Strategic Coach to today’s industry leaders including

the Strategic Coach to today’s industry leaders including

  • ​Brush Salon
  • ​Mystique Hair Design
  • ​Glow Dermal Therapy
  • ​Mod Salon Inc.
  • ​Ihvory Hair 
  • ​& more amazing salons!

"I grew my salon sales from $650,000 to over $1 million in revenue in one year. Now I've made it my mission to help other salon owners do the same."

You already know that other salons are still crushing it...and that’s exactly what you want too, right?

You want to work less, stop trading time for dollars, and start feeling like a real Industry expert. You want to create an impact. You want a happy team, less stress and more sleep.

But the biggest hurdle I see with struggling Salon Owners that keeps them running on the hamster wheel is this…

"Where do I focus my time to get the results I want?"

If you are on this page, you’re asking that same question, right?

You're trying to juggle clients, your team's questions, concerns and wishes. Nevermind all the upkeep at the salon, after a big day taking home a pile of laundry that even the machine couldn't keep up with.

Look - we all know Salon Owners are working too hard and do not get rewarded for their time or all the risks they are taking. 

Choosing the wrong area to focus on in your business can be very costly. Maybe you’re thinking you just need more sales and to spend more time on social media to build your brand. Meanwhile your team is not even retaining those precious clients you are working SO hard to bring in.

The thought of you wasting one more hour of your time on the wrong thing gives me heartache. Owning a Salon is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

What if I told you: You don’t need to sell more to increase your profits 

Most salon owners are stuck. They don't have good processes and they don't understand the story that their numbers are telling them.

And the worst part? They don't even REALIZE they’re making mistakes that are costing them thousands of dollars, countless months of wasted time, and immeasurable strain on their teams.

This is a mistake I want to help you fix.

If you have already felt the nudge that owning a salon is not just an art, it's a business, then you already have what it takes to step into that role.

The cold hard truth is:

More than 90% of salons aren’t even profitable.

If you don't start running your hair salon like a real business, you will remain in the unknown, and the unknown will keep you struggling and broke.
I will teach you how the profitable ones are doing it. 

In this Virtual Group Coaching, I am going to show you EXACTLY where to focus your time so that you will make more money. And it starts with learning the language of business.

And to make this the biggest no brainer deal ever, I am going to make the best guarantee I’ve ever offered, which puts all the risk of your investment on me.

When you join our $297/month 
PassionMind Circle for 3-months

I guarantee that you’ll walk away from this training with increased clarity, understanding and income OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

In other words, If you complete all the exercises and see no increase in business, knowledge or profits all you need to do is email in your completed work and we will send you back 100% of your investment.

Did I mention? I also have a bunch of bonuses for you…

You will gain FREE Lifetime Access to the step-by-step Salon Profit Project training portal (Value $1,888).

The six-module course is a fresh way to plan, measure, and grow profits through financial fluency. It's packed full of templates and calculators where you simply enter in your numbers to reveal answers! Yours to keep...forever.

Not an ABA Member? We've got you! We'll pay your membership so you can access this great offer.

Not Techy? No problem we’ve got you. We’ll teach you all the tech stuff you will need to complete this training (Priceless!).

Too busy? No worries, do it at your own pace. All the training is in small, actionable steps that fit into your busy life, and the live calls are all recorded.

You'll also get access to our private Facebook community.

...plus, some really cool tools to make your life as an entrepreneur a whole lot easier!

I’ve helped many Salon Owners turn their passion into profits, and now it’s your turn!

My one-on-one Coaching clients pays me $12-20K per year to work with me in a close intimate setting. A VIP Day Costs $5,000.

My course costs over a thousand. I do not offer anything this inexpensive and chances are I never will again.

But over these past few months I have seen so many Salon Owners struggling to stay afloat. They’re scrambling to work harder to keep up with all the demands and they’re killing themselves.

If you don’t get this stuff figured out quickly this could be the difference between staying open or walking away and closing your doors on your dream.

That’s why I want to make sure you get get training to you as fast as possible.

You can turn your ‘in the red business’ to ‘'in the black’... just like Stephanie did (see her story below). 

So tell me… are you in?

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